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A Couple Explore the New Developments of Newark. Which of These Homes Would You Choose?

A Couple Explore the New Developments of Newark. Which of These Homes Would You Choose?

Pedro Delgado had long rented in and around Newark. Several years ago, his girlfriend, Vianset Marino, joined him in his most recent one-bedroom, which never felt quite big enough for him, much less for the two of them.

Although they loved the large kitchen, they couldn’t put a TV in the bedroom because closets consumed the wall. And even so, “there wasn’t enough closet space for me to have a partner who had shoes,” said Mr. Delgado, 41.

The apartment also felt dated. When the couple visited friends who rented in newer buildings, they looked around enviously, taking note of the modern finishes. Over the years, “the technology and material has changed dramatically,” Mr. Delgado said.

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He knew that several Newark projects in the works could offer more up-to-date living options. So the couple decided to bide their time until they found the right place. They put their furniture and cooking equipment in storage and, along with their Shih Tzu, Prince, moved temporarily to Ms. Marino’s former home, a studio in her family’s three-family house in North Bergen, N.J.

“For me, it was perfect,” said Ms. Marino, 38. “But when you have me, Pedro and our dog, it is not a good situation.”

Also, her bus commute to Midtown Manhattan, where she works in commercial insurance, was unpredictable. Sometimes several buses passed by, already packed. On a bad day, the commute took nearly two hours. “One little thing in the Lincoln Tunnel and that’s it, you’re stuck,” she said.

Mr. Delgado’s job in commercial finance occasionally requires him to visit the company’s Manhattan office. For that, he took the ferry rather than endure the bus ride.

“He was always online, looking at buildings that were going up,” Ms. Marino said. “He was sending me specs and layouts, and look at this and that one.”

The couple wanted a corner one-bedroom on a high floor, which they thought would be quieter than a unit boxed in by neighbors. Ms. Marino dreamed of a walk-in closet with room for all her work clothes. Mr. Delgado wanted a private balcony or terrace for fresh air.

Their budget was up to $3,500 a month. But they weren’t focused on price, and were willing to spend more for the features they wanted.

They discovered that Newark’s new and renovated rental buildings came with assorted layouts and plenty of amenities, including common indoor and outdoor spaces. They had little interest in shared amenities, but figured they would use a gym on occasion.

Among their options — all within a few blocks of one another in Newark’s revitalized downtown:

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