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Where Your Author Sells a Subaru During a Pandemic (Part I)

Where Your Author Sells a Subaru During a Pandemic (Part I)

I last gave an update on the vehicles which occupy my drive back in February. At the time, the Volkswagen’s roof rattle issues had (finally) been corrected and I was all ready for a quick sale of my Subaru Outback. But said quick sale was interrupted by a few different issues, both local and global.

Uncertain Times for car sales, eh?

The Outback very nearly sold in early February. After listing it on the two quality lead generation sites, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, I had a buyer and a deposit. Said buyer walked away at the last moment for unspecified reasons via a hastily recorded voicemail message, but their deposit stayed with me. No big deal, I guess.

I renewed the sale listings right around the time the weather here in southwest Ohio turned frigid and icy, and nobody was car shopping. A couple of weeks passed, and as March dawned it seemed things were thawing enough for people to be out and about, buying cars. Of course, by then COVID had already begun phase one of its plan, and people were definitely not shopping transportation. Yet I was assured it would all be over by Easter, so I took down my sale listings.

All was uneventful (on the car front) for a couple of weeks, as I waited to put the Outback back on sale. Annoyed by a lull in the action, Mother Nature intervened. A fairly severe hailstorm arrived on the evening of April 8th. The winds which accompanied the storm were so intense that the dime-sized hail flew almost entirely in a northerly direction. That meant the Golf was shielded by the house, and the Outback wasn’t. I filed my first nature-related automotive insurance claim on April 9th.

While the damage was not severe, more than 40 visible dents had appeared across the Outback’s hood and roof. In the end I decided some light hail damage on a car I was finished owning was not worth a paintless-dent repair fix. Also in mind: The fact that I’m much pickier than most used car buyers. COVID raged on, and I kept the car off the market for the rest of spring.

I did eventually find a buyer, but we’ll get to that in Part II.  Also in Part II, I’ll detail my ownership experience with a higher-mileage Outback over the past couple of years.

[Images: Corey Lewis / TTAC]

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