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Which Tailgate Is the Best Tailgate?

Which Tailgate Is the Best Tailgate?

Wandering the 2020 Chicago Auto Show floor on the second media day, I entertained myself by playing with trucks.

More specifically, I tinkered with the trick tailgates found on GMC and Ram models, plus the in-bed cooler offered by Honda’s Ridgeline. Also springing to mind is the available roll-up tonneau cover offered by Jeep’s Gladiator, as well as that old stalwart, the RamBox.

I found myself wondering – if size, price, and all other considerations didn’t matter, and the only thing that did matter in a truck-purchasing decision was the coolest tailgate or bed hardware, which truck would I pick?

It’s obviously an exercise in irrationality, as other factors matter a great deal more. If you need a big truck, the smaller Ridgeline and Gladiator will be left on the lot, cooler and tonneau or not.

After some deliberation, I decided the MultiPro unit offered by GMC was the best of the bunch, thanks in part to the audio system. It also works easily and provides a nice step up.

Honda’s in-bed cooler is awesome, and I get the use case for the swing-out gate offered by Ram. The RamBox remains one of the best ideas in truckin’, and while I didn’t mess with one on the show floor, I’ve tested the Gladiator before, and the tonneau cover is easy to work with. Even with a broken finger.

What say you, B & B?

[Image: General Motors]

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